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100 Days of MISERY and DISRESPECT from the St.Lucia Labour Party Government!

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Obviously, The Saint Lucia Labour Party Government has been in office for a little over 100 days. Undoubtedly, they have failed to deliver on any of their promises.

Moreover, they have not implemented one new initiative that would benefit the people of Fair Helen. So much so I speak to promises in terms of:

  • Minimum Wage
  • Income Support
  • Crime Fighting Strategies
  • Foreign Direct Investment
  • Growth of a Covid 19 Economy
  • Effective Covid 19 Management
  • Removal of the $1.50 Fuel Excise Tax for Fishermen
  • Full Payment of Facility Fees
  • Health Care Support
  • Reinstatement of Radio St. Lucia
  • Covid 19 Death Burial Assistance
  • Income Tax Refunds (less than $5000)
  • Creation of employment
  • Equity for ALL St. Lucians

Consequently, all they have been able to implement are the following:

  • Disobeying the Constitution of Saint Lucia.
  • Illegal Confinement of the People of Saint Lucia in their homes.
  • Divide St.Lucia into two groups. The vaccinated and the unvaccinated.
  • Special treatment given to vaccinated St.Lucians.
  • Unvaccianted St.Lucians are treated as third class citizens.
  • Preventing young people from physical recreational activities within their communities.
  • Review Commission Boards.
  • An attack on Praise and Worship on Sundays.
  • Termination of Employees.
  • Increasing the unemployment rate.
  • Legalization of Cannabis.
  • Expungement of Covid 19 Breaches for Labour Party Supporters.
  • St. Lucia Nation Trust $750 000.
  • Write off $4.2M in rent due from tenants.
  • Transfer $10M meant for infrastructure work to the Minister of Housing.
  • Creation of jobs for the “boys and girls” Club.
  • Part Payment of Facility Fees.
  • Globe Trotting – Panama, Dubai, United Kingdom, Mexico.

As a matter of fact, the last time I checked one review committee had four (4) weeks to come back with its finding. In addition, another one had ninety (90) days to present their findings.

Kindly help me understand!!! Where are those reports???

Are the Review Commission Boards seeking extensions at the expense of the taxpayers? Lest we forget the infamous words Tourism Minister, Hon Dr. Ernest Hilaire “Treasury is EMPTY, EMPTY, EMPTY.”

Finally, this is a very disrespectful government as they have failed, to have weekly live Press Conferences.

St. Lucians what have YOU done electing this lot????

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