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A Future Young Prime Minister

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Shavonne Bryan is the 2020 Youth Parliamentarian/ Youth Prime Minister representing the constituency of Castries North and is a resident of La Clery, Castries. He has lived in this community for over 20 years and is a student at the London School of Journalism and, the University of the West Indies Open Campus – St. Lucia  pursuing his BSc in Management Studies Marketing. 

Shavonne is also a student of the Digital Speaking Academy & Public Speaking Academy. He is a member of Toastmasters International and is the President-Elect of the Saint Lucia Public Service Toastmasters Club located in Castries.

He has present over 50 speeches and interviews at various forums including Youth Parliament 2020, The Daily Buzz, HR Wise, HOT FM, DBS, HTS, the Rotary Club of Gros Islet, Saint Mary’s College, Leon Hess Comprehensive School, Castries Comprehensive School and online via Microsoft Zoom.
Shavonne loves social media and has been engaged in marketing retail products on KISS FM. He has a passion for learning and teaching about communication, leadership development, and presentation mastery.  Shavonne has acquired many certifications in Project Management, Communication, and Leadership over the years and would like to become a speech coach, media personality, and communications teacher. 

Mr. Bryan is a speechwriter and editor. He is also the founder of “The Communicate Project” which is a non-governmental organization designed to empower persons through literature and the teaching of soft skills related to communication. The venture has since spawned a book club and is looking to expand into documentaries, blogs, and webinars to name a few.

In the days ahead, he would like to see greater advocacy of district youth and sports councils, the development of the sporting facilities to accommodate the growing number of interested youth and, more low-cost housing developments for young families.

He loves going to church, dramatizations, playing video games, and reading. His favorite quote that he constantly recites is “If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree it’ll live its entire life thinking it is stupid.” This quote says to him that passion should drive all our undertakings and that we should all be the best by making the most out of the opportunities that arise.  

Shavonne Bryan

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