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A Prominent Asset to The Youth- Jenny Chicot Louisy

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Youth Activist Jenny Chicot Louisy hails from the picturesque community of Laborie. A teacher by profession, she is a huge advocate for volunteerism, youth development and advocacy. She surely leads by example as she is the President of the Laborie Youth and Sports Council, the Vice Chair of the Rotary Satellite club of Gros-Islet and Secretary of the Credit Committee of the Laborie Cooperative Credit Union. She is the epitome of an empowered young person leading by inspiration. The true marking of any great leader is the ability to inspire others to act and to make a difference to engender positive social change.

Jenny’s life theme is “The day you plant the seed is not the day you eat the fruit.” For this reason, she believes in continuous holistic development of self as a lifestyle which everyone should adopt. As a past student of the Piaye Secondary School, her experiences there provided the opportunity for her development, not only in academics but all other aspects. All these experiences contributed tremendously to her positive mentality on life. This then continued in all her learning institutions and the clubs or organizations which she is part of.

For instance, in her capacity as the President of the Laborie Youth and Sports Council for 2019/2020, she revived the community’s sports and community life in ways unimaginable. Through her inspiring leadership, she has transformed the agenda of the Council into a more holistic one, encouraging the positive development of youth in other aspects of life, inclusive of economics and finances in preparation for life.

As an enthusiastic cultural icon herself, Miss Chicot inspires youth to participate in the cultural aspects of community life. Miss Chicot’s positive influence reaches young persons in her church and community in additional voluntary activities. Her spirit of volunteerism with passion and purpose is contagious and many can attest to her exceptional drive to get things done, no matter how arduous a task may seem.

She displays an indomitable spirit of ‘Service above Self’, the motto of Rotary International, in her endeavours as a teacher, youth worker, event planner, friend, and leader in various capacities. Her adherence to the motto of ‘Service above Self’ spans far beyond the Rotary family, as Miss Chicot’s involvement in all aspects of cultural, social, physical and spiritual aspects of life in Laborie has earned her the respect and admiration of her students, her peers, fellow Laborians, Saint Lucians, and around the region as a positive role model.

Her life choices and actions speak forcefully to her dedication to the development of herself and others. Her work in youth advocacy and in community work have been enriched by her exemplary ability to solve problems and to instinctively lead the actions of others to make a positive difference in their communities and personal lives.Despite everything going on in her life, this young lady makes time to fulfill her hobbies by going on adventures, face painting, event planning, travelling, socializing with people of all ages and a “good old fete.”

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