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Positivity | Determination | Fire (PDF)


About Us

The main objective of Reflect the Change, is to write on many issues that are of importance. The youth, politics, religion, the indigent and much more. The creator of this blog is Sohria Alexander who enjoys using her influence to reflect the change.



Sohria Alexander
Founder ~ Business Owner ~ Writer

Sohria was nurtured to became deeply grounded in spiritual things. Her love for God and for people were the main reasons she felt compelled to write this inspiring spiritual book during this Covid-19 crisis. She is passionate about the indigent and the youth in society.

Akim Ernest
Web Designer ~ Writer

Akim is an upcoming IT Specialist. He is very passionate when it comes to Information Technology. From a very young age he started exploring IT and website building. Akim has represented his country Nationally and Regionally in the field of swimming.

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Sohria has become a force to be reckoned with in Saint Lucia and has become the voice of people.