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Announcement of 2020 Obituary

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We are terribly glad to announce the passing of one of the most showstopping (literally), interestingly memorable yet appallingly barbaric year known as 2020 who passed away on January 1st,2021 surrounded by enthusiastic people all over the world celebrating her departure and sceptically yet happily welcoming the New Year. Left to mourn Donald Trump’s Twitter Account Fame, World Stock Markets, Celebrity Tours, Summer Olympics and Animals Taking Over Cities.

2020 will be laid to rest at Nostradamus Predictions Come True Cemetery. The Funeral Service for the late 2020 will be held at The Chapel of Agitated Prophets of The New World Order. Due to Covid-19 protocols and social distancing only Karens, Racists, Conspiracy Theorists, UN, WHO, WB will be allowed to attend the funeral service and burial.

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