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Lately, I have been reading many articles referring to First Black Woman this and First Black Woman that.

Ladies you are your own FIRST BLACK WOMAN making waves in every aspect of your personal and professional lives. Never downplay or undermine your worth and the contributions you have made in the lives of others.

You may not be the Speaker of the House, CEO or the Vice President of the USA. However, a price can’t be placed on how you have helped in shaping the world in becoming a better place.

Sadly, it is the mindset of society not to shower merit and praise to the ordinary or simplistic Black Women who have left themselves behind to tend to their families. Our black sisters work extremely hard holding down two or more jobs ensuring that the utilities are kept running and there is food on the table.

They don’t hold the high-profile titles, however, without them the world would have fallen apart. It is no secret women are the glue that binds and heals the world.

Women play an integral role in diversified circumstances. A few of the roles ascribed to them are Comforter, Counsellor, Best Friend, Wife, Girlfriend, Mother, Nurse, Doctor, Dietitian, Chef, Cleaner, Judge, Lawyer, Financial Analyst, Teacher and the list is infinite.

See how valuable you are!!!

Undoubtedly, you have been the FIRST BLACK WOMAN in many life events in your own rights without noticing. This right here is a great opportunity to be an inspiration to young black girls and women in whatever capacity you hold as a BLACK WOMAN!

Create and develop your own image in a positive manner, the young girls and women are taking notes.

I am saying all this to say Black Women must support each other, be that spring board to the sister who wants to spread her wings and fly. Flying to start her new business, furthering her education, moving to another country, getting that promotion or purchasing her first home.

Provide her with your unwavering support, encouragement and finances. Don’t expect your Black Sister’s Business to grow if you are always requesting freebees or support the tycoons. Black sisters we must revolutionize our mindsets reversing the scars of slavery by empowering each other.

Founder of Reflect The Change – Sohria Alexander

This is where our Freedom as Black Women begins, empowering each other one at a time to be GREAT!

The POWER lies within YOU!!! Go ahead Reflect the Change!!!

Sohria Alexander

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