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Breaking News: Richard Frederick Warned and Placed on Notice!!!

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In light of heightened political tension in Saint Lucia a private citizen, Ms. Sohria Alexander has been viciously targeted by a Junior Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister with responsibility for Housing and Local Government, Richard Frederick. Unfortunately, Frederick has decided to Publicly insult, denigrate and verbally abuse Ms. Alexander on his Facebook page “Can I Help You with Richard Frederick”. The attack was launched on January 19 at 8:03 PM.

In addition, Ms. Sohria Alexander is a St.Luciann Public Figure and a Social Media Influencer. Moreover, Alexander is the host of the popular Talk Show “Lies and Deceit” on her Facebook Page. So much so, the Lies and Deceit Franchise aims to publicly expose corruption, and as the name suggests Lies and Deceit in Fair Helen. Besides, Frederick has been at the center of a major rumor that he suffered a STROKE. Alexander on her L&D Show intimated that someone informed her that a Minister of Government suffered a stroke. Nonetheless, Alexander went on to ask her followers to pray for the Minster and wished the individual well hoping for a full recovery.

On the contrary, Frederick took umbrage at Sohria Alexander’s statements. However, he went Live on his Facebook Page “Can I Help You with Richard Frederick” and threw the pit toilet at her. Apart from this, he went into a demonic mad rage, frothing at the mouth denouncing her statements. Without a doubt, the name of the Minister in question was NEVER mentioned during the Lies and Deceit Live Show. Clearly, the action of the Junior Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office has sparked outrage on social media and on local radio Talk Shows with many Standing in Solidarity with Alexander.

The Public has demanded that Richard Frederick be FIRED by the Prime Minister of Saint Lucia with immediate effect!!!!

Click Here View Richard Frederick Live

In an effort to preserve evidence. In case the live video is unavailable you may view it here.
~The Change Staff

Alexander says:

I Am Not a Push Over

Sohria Alexander

Alexander Hosted a Live Broadcast via her Official Facebook Page entitled “Funeral Service of Richard Frederick” the video has amassed over 25,000 views, with the Public Rallying beside her. However, some have criticized Alexander for the action she took. Many believe the response was a just and a needed one, as Fredrick has been viewed as a “Public Bully”.

Click Here to View the dubbed “Funeral Service of Richard Frederick”

Sohria Alexander says:

I will Not Allow a Public Official to Disrespect me or any Citiizen of Saint Lucia in such a vicious and unmannerly way.

Sohria Alexander

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