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Burning Up the Runway-Meet Mieah

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Hey, I’m Mieah Paige Mondesir. Upcoming Youtuber and Fashion Model. I am 15 years attending the Saint Joseph’s Convent in form four, residing in Mongiraud, Gros Islet.

At the young age of 6, I started modeling for shows at my primary school and also participated in pageantry. My modeling continued into secondary school where I got to put on my own Creole Day modeling production. I was also gifted with the opportunity to model for JQ Mall’s Fashion Fushion in December 2018.

I have carried on with displaying my modeling and fashion on Instagram where I have slowly gained a following. I always had a vision of becoming a ‘Youtuber’ and having my own YouTube channel. My first public video was posted in 2012 when I was eight, but was deleted due to poor quality and utter cringe. Recently I started uploading videos once again, every Monday that is for ‘Mieah Mondays’ on my YouTube channel ‘Mieah Paige’.What I want from all this is not fame but to encourage people to be kind and caring and also to empower those with low confidence and self esteem caused by unrealistic beauty standards.

Social media beauty standards are outrageous, if your skin is not clear, hair is not long, body is not shaped like an hourglass then you are not their definition of beautiful, in my eyes this is horrid and people should be admired for their natural beauty, no matter color, race, shape or size. In this day and age being ‘mean’ or ‘judgmental’ is the new norm and those on the receiving end continue to lose themselves everyday.

As someone who has been a victim to this because of being in the public eye from a tender age, I feel like this needs to be stopped. Our generation would be much better if the hatred was replaced with kindness.

Mieah Paige Mondesir

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