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Climate Change Activist- Zannika Emilien

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Zannika Emilien is a nineteen year old Student Leader, Student Advocate, and Climate Change Activist. She attended the Leon Hess Comprehensive Secondary school where she began her work in climate change. She represented Saint Lucia in 2017, at a Youth Climate Change Conference.

Zannika kept very busy and in 2019 attended The United Nations for the first Youth Climate Change Summit. Her involvement in climate change landed her the role of Country Representative for the Regional Climate Change Group YCCA.

She has been very passionate about student governance and student advocacy. Zannika continues to fulfill this passion, in her current capacity as the President of the Saint Lucia National Students’ Council.

Zannika Emilien

She also has a keen interest in the creole language, and recognizes that the language is very important to our culture. She continues to take part in creole debates and conversations, such as the Independence Creole Debate. Zannika hopes to continue excelling in her many areas of interest and continues to dedicate her time and energy to Youth Development.

Zannika’s View on AGRICULTURE

Agriculture is not only about the farming aspect but agriculture has more to it in terms of its technical and scientific background.
Agriculture is very integral because it allows for us human beings to be able to stay alive and well. After-all, without agriculture what would our daily meals look like…

More importantly, we need to understand that the stigma that has been associated to agriculture, no longer has value because agriculture is definitely our ticket to a long lasting and healthy life.

Zannika continues to blaze the trail to her success.

Zannika Emilien

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