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De Fence Causing Problems at Reduit Beach Inna 758

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St.Lucia is Simply Beautiful.

Sand, Sun and Magnificent Beaches

However, we the people are doing everything within our power to ruin it! My people, I know we are in the “silly season.” However, I would like to encourage ALL ST. LUCIANS to think before reacting. Both sides of the divide be it UWP or SLP are going to push their narrative!

Last evening so many people were all up in their feelings about a temporary fence erected in the waters at Reduit Beach.
Personally, anywhere that is used as a quarantine facility, I would stay far, far, far, away from the vicinity. Why would anyone want to go near this quarantined facility???

De Fence at Reduit Beach Quarantine Facility

The country is already stressed. Thousands of workers are on the breadline, our economy is on the verge of collapse as our main revenue earner has taken a Mike Tyson Power Punch. Parents are frantic in terms of providing for their children. We have to be industrious and start doing our kitchen gardens.

According to the experts, COVID is here to stay for a very long time. The New Normal.
The Communications Department of the Prime Minister’s Office. We need information in real time to avoid despair and panic.

No “vaval” to release the stress so it was a bacchanal Sunday.

“De Fence” “De Fence” “De Fence”

Sohria Alexander

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