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Have we forgotten the Power of Prayer? – What a bloody weekend in Fair Helen!

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Saint Lucia, an island with approximately one hundred and eighty thousand people, is experiencing an increase in criminal activities.

According to researchers the top ten causes of crime are poverty, peer pressure, drugs, politics, religion, family conditions, the society, unemployment, deprivation and unfair judicial system.

CRIME is the business of ALL CITIZENS and must NEVER be POLITICIZED.

Oh what a bloody weekend it was! Too many senseless killings!! Many burning questions raced through the minds of friends and families. Why? Why Lord? Why me? Why my mother? Why my father? Why my brother? Why my sister? Why my friend?

A child’s first social interaction starts from within the home. The nurturing of this child would be a determinant as to this child’s future.

Evidently, Law Enforcement in Fair Helen have gone soft on crime. Criminals have now become the law in the wild, wild west. Sadly, Saint Lucia is on bended knees and bows at the mercies of criminal minds. Law abiding citizens cannot continue to live in fear. A paradigm shift is urgently required in the quest of rescuing Saint Lucia. The tranquility and peaceful nature of the island has now become eroded by criminals. Law Enforcement appears weak and helpless. Where did they go wrong? Lawlessness is the new style and fashion on the island. Quel Domage!!

The CRIME situation has been on the rise in Saint Lucia since 2011, ten (10) years in the making. As a consequence, policy makers must take immediate action by strategizing the way forward.  

CRIME DOES NOT HAVE POLITICAL EYES. CRIME is color blind and inflicts its wounds on all and sundry,

A holistic approach must be adopted in quelling this madness. International Law Enforcement Bodies should be solicited to assist in the war on crime by the Government of Saint Lucia. The Opposition Members of Parliament must throw in their support behind the Government of Saint Lucia in a joint effort in fighting crime and saving lives. The country needs all hands on deck to assist with the war on crime.

When crime is politicized it serves no purpose but only sows seeds of discord and resentment.

Lawlessness is on the rise!!! Helen Blood Flows.

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