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His love for his peers – Trishtan Haynes

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Sixteen year old Trishtan Haynes, resides in the community of Pavee, Castries. He grew up with his mother. She is responsible for the productive young man that he has become. Her unwavering support and love keep him striving, reaching for the stars.
He is a Form Five student of the Leon Hess Comprehensive Secondary School. Trishtan is an extrovert. One of his better qualities is being a kind hearted soul. Daily, his peers are the recipients of his love and kindness. His thoughtful and caring nature allows him to attend to their needs.

Trishtan loves Information Technology. He excels at this subject and intends to pursue a career in the field.
His extra-curricular activities, include, helping with performance gigs, throwing the javelin, long jump, triple jump, discus and track and field events. He loves sprinting and continues to work hard at becoming one of the fastest sprinters.

Mysteriously, the sweet melodious sound of the steel pan captured his attention. He soon fell in love with it and plays the tenor steel pan beautifully.
Trishtan has played at various activities, such as the Independence Day Rally.
He has the ability and skill to work with others in an efficient and productive way. He takes pride in seeing others around him succeed.

Trishtan Haynes

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