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Mandatory Vaccination for St.Lucian Tourism Workers

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Obviously, when one is not in Government it becomes very easy to push the dangerous and divisive narrative. Consequently, this form of narrative can have a devastating effect on the moral fabric of society. Clearly, the tourism workers of St.Lucia have been given a 6 for a 9. In particular, this new government promised “Putting them First.”

On the contrary, it is clear as day, for every citizen of Saint Lucia to see that they were not put first. So much so tourism workers of St.Lucia were greeted with unpleasant news. In this case, a release from the Bureau of Health Education Facebook Page stated that ALL restaurant workers had up to November 2021 to be fully vaccinated or prepare to lose their job.

On the other hand, this came as a total shock to many restaurant workers. For one thing, this government has been touting on the word INCLUSIVITY” Apparently, they have NO clue what the word means.

INCLUSIVITY: the practice or policy of providing equal access to opportunities and resources for people who might otherwise be excluded or marginalized.

Undoubtedly, it is pellucid that the Government of St.Lucia did not exhibit the practice of equity in their haste to get the employees vaccinated. Besides, the majority of workers in the Tourism Industry are women and are single mothers. Help me understand this debacle. Where is the empathy for the most vulnerable?

Document from Government of St. Lucia

Evidently, this government did not take into consideration the psychological effects news like this can have on these workers. Furthermore, this can lead to abject depression, resulting in suicides and a surge in violent crimes. Moreso, this could be the commencement of the closure of many restaurants. However, this would leave a gaping hole in the Tourism Sector.

Maybe, just maybe, if this government had continued the protocols of the previous administration, life would have returned to “morenal” Ooops!! I meant normal.

Sadly, the people of Saint Lucia are dealing with an uncaring government.

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