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Can someone explain to me what really goes on in the DISHONORABLE HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY?

It mimics a Zoo where the Zookeeper has lost control of the animals. This spectacle borders on the brink of absurdity. Ironically, the MP for Micoud South which happens to be the Prime Minister of St.Lucia, would nonchalantly mention the names of private citizens in his presentation, who did not agree with his policies.

To add insult to injury, the Speaker of the House sheepishly told him that he should not be mentioning the names of private citizens in the House of Assembly. There was NO REPRIMAND!!! NO NOTHING!!! However, he was like Speedy Gonzales ejecting MP for Anse La Raye/Canaries and MP for Castries South from the Dishonorable House of Assembly. These two gentlemen are inconsequential to his role or existence, therefore they were easy prey.

Let’s not fool ourselves for a millilitre of a second. This is not rocket science the Speaker of the House would not have the gonads to throw the Prime Minister out of the House of Assembly. After all, he signs his fat pay cheque.

Legislation and Procedure of Parliament:

Time is of the essence for constitutional reform. The Speaker of the House should not be a political appointee. This individual should be elected by the people. The people’s business continues to suffer when partisan politics manifests its ugly head in the Dishonorable House of Assembly.

For the past four years, St. Lucians have been disgusted with the continuous ruckus being played out in this Dishonorable HOUSE.  

Where are the men and women of valor? The name calling, the belligerent behavior towards fellow parliamentarians is nothing short of DISGUSTING!!!  The decorum of parliamentarians leave a lot to be desired. THE PEOPLE’S BUSINESS, clearly is forgotten while men and women stroke their egos.

42. – Freedom of Speech

Without prejudice to any provisions made by Parliament relating to the powers, privileges and immunities of the Senate or the House and the committees thereof, or the privileges and immunities of the members and officers to the Senate or the House and of other persons concerned in the business of the Senate or the House or the committees thereof, no civil or criminal proceedings may be instituted against any member of the Senate or the House for words spoken before, or written in a report to, the Senate or the House or a committee thereof or by reason of any matter or thing brought by him therein by petition, bill resolution, motion or otherwise.

The immunity aspect of a MP with reference to free speech is clearly understood. However, does this give them the right to abuse this power and waste the people’s time and hard-earned tax dollars year after year. The House of Assembly gives one the impression that it’s the boys and girls club. Pay careful attention to the delivery and the quality of their debating skills.

In our local vernacular it’s a maypwee here and a maypwee there, nothing substantial. It’s like an old hard uncooked dasheen going down your windpipe for the kill.  Imagine MILLIONS of DOLLARS was being borrowed for the Airport Redevelopment Project and most members of the House of Assembly did not debate the motion. Members of the Opposite who wanted to debate the motion were stopped dead in their tracks. Help me understand my people is this democracy or a regime bent on dictatorial leadership?

I am hoping that my fellow brothers and sisters are understanding clearly what is transpiring right before their eyes. Where is the indepth analysis by all parties concerned when borrowing such large sums. If we are not careful our Fair Helen may soon be related to Haiti.

In my humble view, this was one of the debates worth sharing.

Hon. Dr Ernest Hilaire

Many of the presentations were all for show. They are cognizant of the fact that most St. Lucians prefer the roro and maypwee narrative instead of analytical and elucidating debates. After all, they are a representation of the people because we elect who we personify. We need to do better!!!

These politicians are very cunning, they play on the psyche of the electorates.  We have accepted this form of behaviour for far too long and this needs to be abated.

Being a Member of Parliament is an esteemed honor.  The constituents placed their confidence in a parliamentarian for bonafide representation. A representation which addresses their concerns for a better life and future for themselves and children.

A new season has dawned. A season designated for meaningful change and not for self-serving men and women. We the people must change the status quo through advocacy.

Does the average St. Lucian understand Parliamentary Proceedings or the Constitution? Click on the links below for elucidation.

In passing, may I asked where was Hon Stephenson King during the House Sitting? Was he ill or out of State?

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Sohria Alexander

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  1. The elected MP’s need to grow some balls and stand up to the ‘Cryminister” this is where we need the super 6. Too much is happening while they take moomoo tablets to protect the interests of their pockets. As for heavy roller his days are numbered in there he had his chance to expose them again he took the moomoo pills and now they are trying to get him out……things that make you go hmm!!

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