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My Ordeal at Bank of Saint Lucia Bridge Street – My Back Hurts – Excruciating Pain

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Customer Service gone with the wind. Customers are no longer a priority.

I write this while I am in excruciating pain. My back hurts beyond measure, it is very sore and can’t be touched.

Imagine having two sons via Caesarean Section as the old people would say your body never fully recovers. Today, I visited two banks. The First one Republic Bank and the second Bank of Saint Lucia. My experience at both banks re: customer service were two extremes.

When I realized the line at Bank of St. Lucia was extremely long, I decided to seek the assistance of one of my associates at the bank. Unfortunately, she was working from home. I asked the security guard whether the ATM was fully functional accepting deposits. His reply was NO!

The service I required was not available at the ATM so I had to face the long and winding line. Do you know that it took me from 12:50 pm – 3:00 pm before I was attended to by a teller!!! Yes THREE LONG HOURS!!! To add insult to my injury the security guard came outside to inform  customers that there were only two tellers to serve customers.

A REPRESENTATIVE from the Bank of Saint Lucia NEVER came out to inform the customers why the long delay. Not even to offer the customers some water or juice. This was not acceptable on the part of the bank. When I finally got into the bank the line was indeed long and only three tellers were at the counter. In less than 5 minutes the third teller vanished.

I am not beating up on the tellers, they too must have been hungry and frustrated. One of the ladies working the floor was also famished. Is this how the bank maps out its “Rona rotation?” Clearly someone dropped the ball and this needs urgent remedy.

This is the “New Normal” and proper planning was warranted by The Bank of Saint Lucia.

On the flip side of things, my experience at The Republic Bank was refreshing. HASSLE FREE! Walked in and walked out in less than 5 minutes. Courteous teller and smooth sailing. May I add there were five tellers available to serve the customers. Well done Republic Bank.

Bank of Saint Lucia you need to pay for a massage for my back pains.

World Class Customer Service should NEVER be compromised!!

Sohria Alexander

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2 thoughts on “My Ordeal at Bank of Saint Lucia Bridge Street – My Back Hurts – Excruciating Pain

  1. After reading your article, the least the BOSL can do is pay for a free massage for your back. Feel better soon Ms Alexander. So happy I subscribed it’s worth every dollar. Refreshing content very different.

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