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My head still pounds from last Wednesday’s episode! Rona scare at Compre!


This grisly incident has manifested into reality! Today, the young male student tested POSITIVE for this dreadful virus!!

Parents were paralyzed for lack of information!!! Our children were being held in classrooms, without any clear direction. They were quarantined in classrooms for approximately one hour!!! They never saw one medical personnel, only their principal who tried to co-ordinate the situation to the best of her ability.


“Covid 19 Prevention & Control Bill!!!!!” Please don’t make me laugh!!! There was “NO COVID 19 PREVENTION & CONTROL RESPONSE!!!”

Mr Prime Minister and the Chief Medical Officer, your elucidation is required. Where were the “MEDICAL RESPONSE TEAM” to activate the COVID 19 Response at the Castries Comprehensive Secondary School????

Were they too busy buying CONDOS or building APARTMENTS in the sky???? Securing their financial future!!!!

The young male student was quickly brisked away, while our children were left behind in a daze. I tried contacting my precious child. He reassured me that everything was going to be fine. His words did not comfort me. I was in a state of disbelief.

NO form of PRECAUTIONARY MEASURES were taken by the Ministry of Education or The Ministry of Health. The students were simply told to go home.

Many students boarded PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION!! Oh My!!! What a NIGHTMARE!! Can you imagine the MULTIPLICITY FACTOR????

Sadly, The Ministry of Health and The Ministry of Education were only concerned about that one student not batting an eye as to the magnitude of the situation. SOMEONE DROPPED THE BALL!!!!

Help me understand case number 30 & 31!! Why the HELL did you send your child to school when hundreds of students could have been infected!!! You knew you were being tested for Rona!!! My Lord!!! Such Wickedness!!! This was a diabolical act by you the parents which should NOT GO UNPUNISHED!!!

Madame CMO!!! Where was the emergency plan which should have been activated by the school and the Ministry of Health??? Why must our children endure such anxiety and panic because of the inefficiencies of the department you command! I distinctly heard you say that schools are not known to be a hot spot for Rona!! Look here it is!!!! Duh!!!

Madame CMO!!! How are you going to fix this “UNHOLY MESS”

The Prime Minister celebrated his success of managing Rona like a Stallion with a premature ejaculation, without satisfying the needs of his companion. What a TRAVESTY!!

The lack of transparency and accountability now have a nation in great despair!

Lord protect our CHILDREN!!!!!

Sohria Alexander

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  1. Lord help our children indeed, the young student should have been pulled out of school tbe minute his parents went in for testing, smh!

  2. Well said, very well said indeed. This is just madness, but we busy spending all our money on roads and tee-poja (little projects) and the country broke.

  3. it is indeed a difficult time for our nation and I guess we ALL are trying to figure out what next needs to be done. There is no perfect solution but there are measures that can be taken. I am sure if the students took bus home with masks on, as well as the passengers wearing their masks, this would help prevent the spread. The children have been asked to quarantine at home. It would not be possible to convert the school into a quarantine facility. Hence they needed to go home. The parents too behaved reckless. They should have kept the child home. i know we are not totally satisfied with the measures taken but sometimes we need to weigh reality against the ideal. Let us be reaponsible and take care of ourselves and family. Go out if you must, wear your masks and wash your hands. Stay safe everyone.

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