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NO $1500! A Prime Minister who left the POOR MAN begging for a LOAF!

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Anyone who has struggled with poverty knows how extremely expensive it is to be poor.” James Baldwin

Without a doubt, during the heated 2021 political campaign, many things were promised to the unemployed and the poor man. Obviously, the poor man latched on to the “Black Man” because he intimated that he would turn water into wine.

Where do I start? Clearly, I am broken. However, not broken for me but for the voters who believed that a St.Lucia Labour Party Government would have made their lives more comfortable.

He thought he had Jesus’s Powers

So much so, that the “Black Man” became the Prime Minister of Saint Lucia. Unfortunately, 64 days later he cannot seems to “break bread.”

Furthermore, many workers have lost their monthly income and are now at a crossroads, not knowing which direction to turn. Their mental compass is deteriorating at an uncontrollable rate. Additionally, they were blinded by the LIES & DECEIT only to realize that they were played. Besides, they have been waiting with bated breath as to when the $1500 would hit their bank account. Nonetheless, adding insult to injury, on a Talk Show today the Prime Minister of Saint Lucia informed the citizens that he NEVER promised them $1500 as income support.

Unemployed Stimulus Cheque

Apart from this, could you imagine the horror and pain felt by the citizens who were expecting a glimmer of financial relief? In particular, this crushed the spirits of many St.Lucians who were eagerly awaiting the $1500 cheque.

Were the voters lied to?

Do we now have an uncaring government?

Is he now telling the people who voted him into office that he can’t help them?

Has the new Prime Minister gone SENILE?

Were the voters DUPED???

When are the unemployed and the vulnerable people of Saint Lucia going to get the financial relief they rightfully deserved?

My cat awaits an answer!

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