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Optimization Of The Youth

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I debated with myself for a while, as to what my first article should be about! Then POOF!!! Lightning struck not once but twice.

The Optimization of The Youth!

How apropos, considering the current political climate in Saint Lucia! Elections are constitutionally due every five years and soon the political machinery would be revving up their rhetoric.

There are two main Political Parties in Saint Lucia:


Unequivocally, the most prized possession would be strategically focusing on the YOUTH. The politicians would be singing a melodious refrain.  “The Youth are the Future,” “The Youth are the Future,” “The Youth are the Future.”

Countless times we ALL have heard those words coming from the mouths of our politicians. Then we ask ourselves. Were those words used only to play on the psyche of the YOUTH?

Undoubtedly, this would pique the interest of the Youth. Finally, they would be taken seriously by those yearning to become the Policy Makers of our Country!

Alas!!! Their expectations would be quickly dashed!!! They would now be described as “The Forgotten Children.”

  • Forgotten to Poverty
  • Forgotten to the Education System
  • Forgotten to Succession Planning
  • Forgotten to the Health & Wellness
  • Forgotten to Societal Ills

The Youth plays a critical role in our National Development. They CANNOT be “The Forgotten Children.”

Sohria Alexander


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