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Our Faith – How do we use it to cope with Rona: Faith in the Almighty God.

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The world and our lives have been turned upside down due to the pandemic.

What are we supposed to do?

The year 2020 has been anything but normal. Imagine waking up one morning then suddenly your daily routine has now become masked with Rona. We were all confused and are still confused not knowing much about this virus. Apart from the collapse of many economies globally, the millions who have perished wreaked many hearts of family and friends.

Many questioned their Faith in God and were wondering where he was during such a trying time. The pain of losing a friend or loved one can only be imagined by those who have not experienced such pain. However, The Word of God is there to bring comfort to the those who mourn. He provides the strength to carry on because without his comfort and strength the journey would be insurmountable.

PSALM 121:1-2

This Christmas Season is going to be one of the hardest for many families. Christmas is a time where families meet to spend quality time, to catch up from where they left off, from the previous year. Many family traditions are going to be left with a gaping wound because they have lost a treasured life.


One way of coping during the Christmas Season is by remembering the spirit of your loved ones. The laughter, jokes, personality, kindness, loving and caring nature.

As you face this new week where the unknown is not known rest assured and secured in the comforting arms of God. Let his Holy Spirit carry you through this week.

Peace be unto you and your family and God’s abundant blessings.

Sohria Alexander

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