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Political Malnutrition-Helen’s Grandchildren On Bended Knees

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Helen Bleeds – Her Blood Flows

I rise above the noises, emotions and madness. The Universe has been saturated with the woes of Miss Helen. A firm believer that our Public Officials MUST be held to the Highest Standards. Eyes wide shut for decades, we as a people have let ourselves down. The political sides maladie have decapitated every limb of Miss Helen. Selfish desires, motives and greed have plummeted Miss Helen into deep despair. Her grandchildren are weeping while their parents engage in the menacing game of the “yellow” and “red” Political Russian Roulette.

Her grandchildren have become malnourished to the point of death. Their tomb await. Helen’s sons and daughters refuse to unbolt their mindsets to welcome a paradigm shift. A shift that would heal her wounds. Wounds that have pierced her soul. A wide wound needing a balm which could resuscitate her dying grandchildren.

Her tears flows like the River of Babylon. Decades passed and the men and women entrusted with the vision of improving the lives of the people have failed miserably.

Ultimate Power corrupts and Miss Helen’s grandchildren can’t stop crying. The forgotten children. Her grandchildren cries out for help. They are famished. The cost of living becomes unbearable as her grandchildren’s parents have lost their income.

How can they eat when they are not a priority! How can they function at school, when they are not a priority? How can they pay their medical bills when they are not a priority! How can they play in the park when they are not a priority! How can they sleep at nights when they are not a priority!

How much longer can Miss Helen’s grandchildren suffer as a consequence of the sins of their parents? Their parents are LOYAL to Mr & Mrs Yellow – Red!!!

Miss Helen’s children desperately need to start loving themselves and their offspring. The children are the future, nurture them so they can have a better place to call home. Allow them to be that rainbow on a cloudy day, that breath of fresh air!

How much longer till her sons and daughters arise! Your grandchildren bekons.

Wake up my people!

Sohria Alexander

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1 thought on “Political Malnutrition-Helen’s Grandchildren On Bended Knees

  1. 💖Love This Article Mommy 💖 defines us as a nation perfectly. I only pray that as a people we see through what’s blatantly clear and come to the realization that change comes from within. It’s when we have changed for our grandchildren and ourselves, the shift in mindset can occur, then we can propel as a country to heights unkown. 🇱🇨

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