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Projected not to win the 2021 General Election

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It is the eleventh hour, the eve of the general election of Saint Lucia and the oil in the lamp is empty.

Evidently, the St. Lucia Labour Party appears to be in a disoriented state. If memory serves me well, in 2016 the United Workers Party changed their Leadership, in the hope of securing the 2016 general election win. Being in Opposition the United Workers Party efficiently and effectively executed their campaign strategy.. One may argue that the electorate were angry with the former Prime Minister Hon Dr Kenny D Anthony. As a consequence supporters of the Saint Lucia Labour Party stayed home and did not exercise their franchise.

However, we are dealing with two distinctly different scenarios. One where the electorate were angry with the former PM and protested by staying home. The Prime Minister Hon Allen M Chastanet may be unpopular but his colleagues have done the necessary work within their constituency. As a result, he would return to office for another term.

It is not enough for the Opposition to chant “Chastanet Must Go.” It is my observation they played their cards badly. Their Political Leader lacks the ability to lead. He can’t energize the base and keep momentum alive and well. He should have been working the ground from the time his party lost the general election and not when election is around the bend.

There seems to be major discord within this party in terms of the selection process. Hot heads and egos seem to be the order of the day. It is known that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. Please help me understand! How can a party with so many intelligent men not have the gonads to enact change?

“Putting People First” does not start from the outside it starts from within. This political party needs a 360 degrees overhaul. If the St. Lucia Labour Party can’t put their house in order, how would they manage the affairs of the nation.

Sohria Alexander 2021 Election Projections Part 2

There is too much infighting.

Yes, the people of Saint Lucia cry out for change, however, the change they have heard from the St. Lucia Labour Party is the chant “Chastanet Mus Go.” This chant sounds like some ankle sprain rub. This is not acceptable.

It is all about power and money and not about the people. They speak to the issue of corruption but sat in government and carried on business as usual.

With a 16-1 win in 1997, they should have amended the Constitution in terms of the Legislative and Executive Branch Powers. The wishes of the people in 2013 to amend the Constitution was vehemently opposed by every politician of the St. Lucia Labour Party. Politicians are the greatest deceivers. It is all sweet talk but when they get into office, they do nothing for the people who elected them.

The electorate of Saint Lucia haven’t got a clue as to how the Saint Lucia Labour Party is going to chart the way forward, to make the country great again. They are pointing out all the wrongs of this current administration but don’t have the tools to correct the wrongs. This is a Covid Economy and they are asking St. Lucians to vote for them without a clear vision or plan. Alice in Wonderland is a Fairy Tale and not reality.

Corruption is going to continue to breed because politicians look at the electorate as uneducated.

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