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Rising Football Star- Keanu Felicien

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Keanu Felicien was born on August 4th, 2004, at the Victoria Hospital, Castries. Mr and Mrs Felicien were the proud parents of this bundle of joy!!!
From a tender age growing up in the community of Rockhall Marchand, he would engage in physical activities. Keanu played football and cricket in his community with neighbors and cousins.

Keanu on his way to CONCACAF

While at the Carmen Rene Memorial School, his Physical Education teacher, Mr Thomas, discovered his hidden talent which was athletics. As a tiny tot in grade two, running around the school’s compound, having a ball of a time with his friends, Keanu was chosen to represent his school.

He was chosen to represent his school at The District Two Sports Meet.

Saint Lucia’s International friendly match against Puerto Rico

Keanu was victorious in the Under 9 boys, 60 m, 150 m and the 4 x 100 metre relay. His coach was very impressed with his ability and he was chosen to run at the District 2 Inter District School Track and Field Meet. He stood out once more and was victorious in his events.

Kenau was all beams when he was invited to the National School Sports Award, where he clinched the coveted Victor Ludorum award, in the boys under 9 categories. As his time progressed in Primary School, he continued to excel but found a new love. This new love was for the sport of football. While at Carmen Rene Memorial School, only the upper grades would represent the school at football tournaments. However, due to his giftedness he was chosen.

Keanu winning Caribbean Football Union Boys Under 14 Challenge Series

He was the youngest player on the football team. Keanu’s school went on to participate in the District 2 Football Tournament and they were victorious. He played a big part in the team’s success.

In grade six he was named Captain of the school’s football team, where he played a big role as a defensive midfielder. His team gave a good account of themselves during the tournament. They placed 4th overall. While at Carmen Rene Memorial School, Keanu was an A student. He sat the Common Entrance Exam and succeeded for the school of his choice, Castries Comprehensive Secondary School.

Captain at Work
Castries Comprehensive Secondary School

At his new school, his love for football exploded. Entering a new school not knowing the culture, Keanu saw students from the higher forms playing football on the field. He approached them to join in and they were mesmerized by his football skills. They asked him to try out for the school’s football team.

Keanu welding
Castries Comprehensive Secondary School

Keanu’s eyes lit up and took up the challenge. He was successful and made the team. He also joined the B1 FC Football Team.
He played various positions on the school’s football team, goalkeeper, mid-fielder, defender and winger. Keanu had his mind set on reaching the finals of the schools football competition. He trained day and night and succeeded.

Keanu cooking
Castries Comprehensive Secondary School

In 2018 he represented B1 FC Football Team in the Northern Zone Guardsman Tournament and was the Vice Captain. His performance again stood out, prompting Mr Charde Desire to ask his coach have him train for the National Under 14 Football Team.

Keanu team came out unbeaten where he captured the best defender of the tournament.

Caribbean Football Union Under 14 – Dominican Republic
CONCACAF Division 2 Under 15 Boys Championship

Keanu Training for Nationals

Keanu’s favorite subjects are physical education, mechanical engineering technology and principles of business. His dream job consist of the following professions, engineer, professional footballer, sports scientist, sports manager, sports engineering or a chef.

He hopes his athletic ability would help him secure a Sports Scholarship!

He enjoys inspiring the youth and having fun with his friends.
Kenau credits his success to his parents, coaches and friends.

A Star is BORN!!!

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