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The Post-Mortem of Mary & The Promo Girls Passa Passa

I gazed into my phone curiously, wondering what the heck was going on. Social media erupted with the Passa Passa Fete of 2020. I scrambled through my device trying to comprehend what the hype was all about. Apparently, Mary is a mother and a hustler who decided to host this fete in the basement of her home at New Village, Castries.

There were the much talked about Promo Girls and the Geejays to light up the session. Oh yes!!! We all had a laugh and fun at all the various memes and videos. This left an ineffaceable imprint in my mind. The critics jeered because they were of the view that Passa Passa could never come to fruition. Alas! The time arrived and there was Mary and her Promo girls ready to rumble .

Law enforcement was gracious and allowed them to continue Passa Passa until 11:00 p.m.

I was amazed at the crowd Mary and her promo girls enticed into patronizing the event. It was evident that Rona had many longing for a good lime. Great turnout!!! The promo girls were shaking and doing their thing for the grand prize of $1100.00. Monies were shared between the 10 promo girls, each receiving $100.00.

Let’s forget about Mary and the Promo Girls for a while. The hypocrisy and condemnation I read on social media about the young ladies for twerking was unbelievable. Why were the young women who were above the age of consent castigated so viciously??? Were they stealing? Were they having sex? Were they fighting? Haven’t St.Lucians heard the term ‘SEX WORKERS’ Hell Yes they do because some of the men frequent the strip joints!

Are we blinded to “high society” Passa Passa!!! Yes! You heard me loud and clear!!!

Haven’t many of our young women suffered at the hands of the same ones who now ride the “Holy Train”. Some of the men who are condemning the young ladies are married and have countless JABALS. Ministers of Government and Politicians practice the same shameful behavior behind closed doors. Tell me or in other words help me understand!!! Is it because they are deemed, “GHETTO PROMO GIRLS” that this gave YOU the right to look down upon them!!!!

If they are eating crumbs shouldn’t the ones criticizing provide a loaf!!  Pressure the POWERS THAT BE, THE MOVERS AND THE SHAKERS to provide OPPORTUNITIES for these young women. The same ones who are playing the sanctimonious role could be seen on the streets during ‘”CARNIVAL” drunk and disorderly almost appearing to have sex on the streets.

How could I forget “MECURY BEACH” oh yes the life of the rich and famous!!!

If Mary and her promo girls are being condemned then all should be condemned.

We give “High Society” a slap on the wrist. However, Mary and her Promo Girls were crucified. What a cruel society we live in!!!!

Selective morality is a HELL of a THING”

Sohria Alexander

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