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Sohria Alexander issues statement on Winston Springer Snr. remarks on HTS Saint Lucia.

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Dear Mr. Winston Springer Snr.

Kindly note that Hon Allen M Chastanet is no longer the Prime Minister of St. Lucia. Unquestionably, Hon Philip J Pierre is now the Prime Minister of St. Lucia as of July 28th, 2021.

Conveniently, you have shifted the goal post and placed the responsibility of governing Saint Lucia squarely upon the head of the Former Prime Minister Allen M Chastanet.

Moreover, your vitriol attacks on Hon Allen Chastanet have only solidified my points that the people of St. Lucia elected a man without any plans for the development and growth of our country.

Clearly, I take note of your weak tactics which included sending the toilet at the former Prime Minister, Hon Allen Chastanet. Obviously, you have taken this route in order to portray a good impression of Hon Philip J Pierre.

However, not so fast! Furthermore, Hon Philip J Pierre has been the Prime Minister of St. Lucia for 63 days. So much so the poor people who he said that he was putting first are starving.

Unfortunately, the $1500 promised to the people of Saint Lucia has mysteriously, disappeared into thin air. In addition, poor people are hungry, and cannot feed their children or pay their bills. They can’t visit a doctor because they have no money in their wallets. Sadly, they are unable to send their children to school. There is no stimulus package to ease their plight. The seven pointer Covid 19 Plan has also disappeared into thin air.

Notably all Philip J Pierre has to his name is the mismanagement of the Covid 19 Pandemic. Consequently, he has failed to provide the necessary resources to frontliners, thus causing much sadness, clocking an onslaught of over 100 deaths.

Mr. Winston Springer!! Why are you so concerned with Allen Chastanet not being on island to serve his constituency? It should be noted that this Prime Minister has the blood of Saint Lucians on his hands by not managing the Pandemic in an effective and efficient manner.

Without a doubt Hon Philip J Pierre is lost in the SCIENCE, because he has not addressed the citizens since August 19th, 2021.

I rest my case!

Sohria Alexander
Project White


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2 thoughts on “Sohria Alexander issues statement on Winston Springer Snr. remarks on HTS Saint Lucia.

  1. Well said Sohriah! Mr Springer is just bias and still in campaign mood. Even on the day of hon Pjp inauguration, he Mr Springer said some inappropriate crap in the live concerning UWp and the former Pm.
    Ridiculous! Carry on dear and alight us in the know

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