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St.Lucians are calling for the RESIGNATION of HILAIRE and ANTOINE!

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Ernest Hilaire and Thaddeus M. Antoine

Where do I start!

Undoubtedly, my thought process is in overdrive due to the unusual turn of events in Fair Helen. As a matter of fact, the Honorable Philip J Pierre, Prime Minister of Saint Lucia promised the people to hold ALL Ministers of Government to the highest standards. Unfortunately, this could not be further from the truth.

Consequently, what transpired on a talk show with one of his Minister’s attorneys, Mr. Thaddeus Anoine, created much doubt and anxiety in the minds of St.Lucians. So much so St.Lucians are questioning the integrity of Mr. Thaddeus Antoine based on utterances made on that show.

Listen to the video below:

Moreover, the people of Saint Lucia are waiting for Hon Dr. Ernest Hilaire, Minister of Tourism to explain how a vehicle was purchased and registered in the name of The British High Commission then mysteriously deregistered and placed in someone else name. According to the Public Finance Management Act of St.Lucia, an asset can only be disposed of at the behest of the Director of Finance.

Therefore, technically the Powers of the Director of Finance was fraudulently used to deregister a vehicle without the necessary approval.

Section of the Public Finance Management Act of Saint Lucia

Finally, the call for the resignation of Dr. Ernest Hilaire as a Government Minister and Thaddeus Antoine as the Chairman of the St.Lucia Tourism Authority is justified.

View video below also:

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