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The Audacity of Deceit- Kid in a Candy Store

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Where do I start? I am really trying to comprehend what went down in the House of Parliament on September 29th, 2020.

Has the man at the helm of this country lost his mind? How could you? Why would you? The blatant disregard for not upholding The Constitution of Saint Lucia by Prime Minister, Hon Allen Michael Chastanet is beyond egregious. His flagrant disregard for The Constitution started with the non appointment of a Deputy Speaker.

It is evident that his Cabinet of Ministers are petrified to stand up to him. Which one of them man/woman in their right mind would have the gonads to confront him on PRINCIPLE!! Clearly NONE!

Do we the citizens elect men and women who are morally challenged? Unable to execute their duties with the highest level of probity. Do they really care about the constituents who elected them into Public Office? These were the same constituents who were promised the moon and the stars. However, their reward turned out to be an empty bread basket. A bread basket filled with HORSES that were sick and a PEARL which had no glitter or value.

Let’s revisit the TRAVESTY which unfolded in the House of Parliament on Tuesday. I am elated that Fair Helen weathered the RONA storm like a champion. This brings me to my next point. If we have handled RONA exceptionally well, what was the urgency of passing a “COVID 19 Prevention and Control Bill”??? Don’t we have polices in place in the Health and Law Enforcement Sectors which could be used as a guide for smooth sailing???

Ironically those two words “prevention and control” navigates towards the mind bending and controlling of the people of St.Lucia in a very guileful manner. A vicious act to say the least.

Today September 30th, 2020 marks the end of the State of Emergency. One does not have to be Albert Einstein to realize that this new bill mirrors the SOE!

The duplicitous behavior of this Prime Minister didn’t go unnoticed. His modus operandi was to get the “Bill” over and done with, disregarding PARLIMENTARY RULES.

This is the same Prime Minister who appeared on Television with a Minister of the Gospel begging St.Lucians for forgiveness. His actions once again proved that his words can’t be trusted.

A Prime Minister who does not respect the Constitution of Saint Lucia is not a friend of the people. A man who makes decisions without consulting his biggest stakeholders, “THE PEOPLE” is NOT for the people.

When will we arise as a people denouncing the ABUSE OF POWER!!! We need to arise my brothers and sisters because Fair Helen is bleeding.

Sohria Alexander

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