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The DRIVER cannot DRIVE – The SHIP has SUNK!

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Clearly, we as St.Lucians, all remember the vitriol political campaign of 2021.

Nevertheless, the dust may have or may have not been settled. As of  July 28th, 2021 a new Prime Minister took the Oath of Office. Hon Philip J Pierre became the ninth Prime Minister of St.Lucia.

Consequently, he has the mandate to govern the country while grappling with the onslaught of the deadly Corona Virus. For this reason, on the campaign trail, Hon Philip J Pierre vowed to be proactive. One of his promises were as follows:

Rethink Travel and Tourism Measures: The Government should exercise the option of closing the borders to travelers from the U.K. and the U.S. until the outbreak is brought under control.

A mandatory PCR test is done within 1-3 days of travel. Our current window of allowing a test as old a 7-days to be valid for travel is too risky.

All travelers must use an approved contact tracing and location monitoring app.

He also noted that he would be a better manager when handling the pandemic.  Whereas, the former Prime Minister of St.Lucia, Hon Allen Chastanet, was heavily criticized. Hon Philip J Pierre and his political party, The Saint Lucia Labour Party stated that Mr. Chastanet mismanaged the pandemic.

For instance, there is a saying from childhood, “Be careful little tongue what you say.” On the contrary, from July 28th, 2021, Mr. Pierre has been in the driver’s seat. Obviously, he refuses to change any of the gears. So much so citizens are clamoring for a new driver. Without a doubt, his lack of tenacity to steer the raging pandemic to port is scary.

For example, St.Lucia is a Small Island Developing State. The island does not have a diversified economy. The Tourism Industry continues to endure major fallouts, a major blow due to the pandemic. Additionally, this trend is likely to continue for the next four years. The world is in a mad rush to stop the spread of the virus! As revealed by Hon Philip J Pierre on the campaign trail the former Prime Minister of St.Lucia was peddling lies when statistics for the virus were given.

See the video below.

Alternatively, the shoe is now on the other foot. Unfortunately, Mr. Pierre continues to be lost in Alice Wonderland.  In other words, since Mr. Pierre took over the reins of office, the horses have bolted. Currently, there are 1430 active coronavirus cases in St.Lucia. The people of St.Lucia are waiting on Mr. Pierre to unveil a comprehensive plan in curbing the spike. His infamous words to a journalist when asked what were his plans to stop the spread were as follows: “Trust the Science” However, the people of St.Lucia need to hold Mr. Pierre accountable. The New Prime Minister has demonstrated that he is not a decisive leader. His waywardness and incompetence are magnified globally.

Sadly, our front liners and the citizens of St.Lucia are the ones feeling the burn. In more recent news, the United Kingdom is considering placing St.Lucia along with other Caribbean countries, such as Jamaica and Dominica on the no travel ban list.

Moreover, if the former Prime Minister was still at the helm this would not have happened. Mr. Allen Chastanet understood the importance of lives and livelihoods. Mr. Pierre does not! The New Prime minister has basically left the people to die!!!

St.Lucians be safe and follow ALL protocols.

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