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The Forever Dream – Belle Blend Cosmetics – Donavan Monerville

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Donavan Monerville, the social media sensation dream became a reality on December 13th, 2020. This significant day coincidently happened to be the National Day of the land of his birth. He hails from the beautiful fishing village of Dennery located on the east coast of the island of St.Lucia. He currently resides in the United States of America.

Donavan Monerville Founder of Belle Blend Cosmetics


One can genuinely say the dream of him becoming the Owner and Founder of Belle Blend Cosmetics was a major milestone. The newest entrepreneur strutting the catwalk with grace and finesse.

Donavan had every reason to feel a sense of pride and satisfaction. Many tears were shed along this painstaking journey. The road was rough and rugged.

Alas!! “The Forever Dream” was mere hours from being unveiled.

When he uttered those words “The Forever Dream” I felt chills rushing through my spine. He had a dream and nothing was about to derail him from achieving his long term goal.

A dream which at times may have seemed indomitable. His tenacity was the impetus that kept him climbing the rough and rugged terrain.

Donavan Monerville Founder of Belle Blend Cosmetics

His story in particular has touched many lives including my own. Him being homeless in New York City and having nowhere to call his home did not shatter his dreams.

The word self-pity was not spoken in his vocabulary.

The love of strangers and friends carried him through his trying times.

It was very easy for him to abandon ship during this tumultuous time. However, the will of the mind is a powerful tool that forcefully overturn the weight of doubt, fear and anxiety. His Faith in God also moved mountains.

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The newest line of cosmetics on the market Belle Blend Cosmetics finally opened to the public. The instore ambience was inviting, serene, colorful and chic.

The ceremony was  heart warming. The Owner and Founder, Donavan Monerville thanked his life long partner, family and friends for their unwavering support.

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Donavan is also a past student of my Alma Mater Castries Comprehensive Secondary School.

We wish him every success in his future endeavors and to keep blazing the trail.

Coming Soon!!! Belle Blend Cosmetics Virtual Store.

Congratulations from the Management and Staff of Reflect The Change!!!!

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