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Has the gentle giant finally awoken from his hibernation?

Should I be angry or happy with Mr King for finally having the gonads to stand up to the Canadian Product?

At an executive meeting today, he clearly stated that the Canadian Product was going to cost the party the 2021 elections. One of the reasons stated was that the people on the ground were extremely irate with the Canadian Product as the Prime Minister of St.Lucia! Do I blame the people for voicing their disgust with this man? Hell Nah!!!

He further stated that the analysis by the people were as a consequence of the many glaring blunders the Canadian Product made during his tenure.

We all know how this man has treated the people of St. Lucia with great disdain. His latest childish tantrum was him having a go at MP for Castries South, Hon Dr Ernest Hilaire on a popular radio talk show. His comments were distasteful and unbecoming of a Prime Minister of St.Lucia.

The Canadian Product has introduced a dangerous form of politics into St. Lucia which must be arrested forthwith!!!

How could we have forgotten the manner he spoke to the citizens of St.Lucia, in his address to the nation on Rona. Maybe, he was unaware that the Slave Trade was abolished.

This man has borrowed millions of dollars like a spoilt child who can’t be disciplined, leaving this burden of debt for our children and our children’s children to carry.

The UWP Executive were aware that the Canadian Product was defective and needs to be returned to the manufacturer without any hesitation.

As a consequence there were those on the executive who want him to leave. However, there were those who are saying to go out there and tell the delegates and the people of St.Lucia that the Canadian Product was the best Prime Minister.

Forgive me, I almost vomited my dinner from this nauseating garbage.

A vote has to be taken at a later date to determine the Canadian Product demise.

Thank You Mr King for coming back to your senses.

Country First

Sohria Alexander

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