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The premature reopening of school may be deadly!

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Clearly, the Ministry of Education, under the leadership of Hon Shawn Edward, is in a frantic rush to send our children back to school. Additionally, they left key stakeholders ‘THE TEACHERS’ out of the consultation process.

Moreover, this St.Lucia Labour Party Government professed that they would have been better than the former United Workers Party Government. However, it is nearing their first 100 days in office, and sad to say it has been a dismal period.

Hon Shawn Edward Minister of Education

Mysteriously, by the swinging of a magical wand, the Covid 19 Cases dropped at a record speed. Help me understand. Is this Science working? Or is Science being used to fulfill selfish agendas?

Without a doubt, it should be noted that the disrespect displayed towards the teachers, students, and parents by the Ministry of Education speaks volumes. More importantly, there must be clear safety guidelines for all concerned. As a matter of fact, it looks like the new Minister of Education, Hon Shawn Edward does not have the necessary tools as to how to run the Ministry of Education during a deadly pandemic.

Schoolgirl reading at her desk in elementary school lesson

Quite frankly, I am appalled that the Ministry of Education does not have a clear strategy for contact tracing. However, there is a mad rush to send our vulnerable children back to the classroom.

To date, we have not heard about any EMERGENCY RESPONSE PLAN for the SCHOOLS in the event of a Covid 19 OUTBREAK.


  • What is the routine for the deep cleaning of all schools on a weekly basis?
  • Have the schools been provided with Handsantizers, Face Masks, Face Shields, Tissue Paper, Thermometers?
  • Have more personnel been hired to ensure daily sanitizing takes place?
  • Have schools been retrofitted with an Isolation Bay?
  • Have buses been instructed to carry no more than 10 students?
  • What monitoring systems have been put in place to ensure buses are not overcrowded?
  • Have the Ministry of Education got a handle on contact tracing?
  • Is there a hidden agenda to mandate vaccines for students and teachers?

Sadly, we may never get a response to those questions.

Putting our children LAST!!

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