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The Track Queen- Kayla Thorpe

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This is 17 year old Kayla Thorpe, a passionate track athlete who was raised in the community of Carellie Gardens. 

While attending the Ave Maria Girls’ School she was a straight “A” student. She engaged in sporting events such as, her school’s road race and track events on sports day. She would always place among the top 4 in the 150 m, 300 m and 80 m races. Kayla was never chosen to represent her school at District Sports but this did not stop her from achieving her dreams of becoming one of St.Lucia’s top athletes. 

While entering the Castries Comprehensive School as a Form 1 student, Kayla did not want to give up her talent. She participated in her school’s sports, doing long jump and running the 80 m and 150 m . At this point Kayla was noticed by the schools’ coach Mr. Michael Peterkin and she was selected to represent the school at the Inter Secondary School’s Meet. She was also asked to be a part of the Morne Stars Athletic family. 

Throughout her 5 year period at the Castries Comprehensive Secondary School, Kayla trained extremely hard. She is known as the sprint queen because she was always victorious in the 100 m and 200 m. She would also place 1st in her age category for the schools’ Cross Country Run.

In 2017 she became captain of her house “Heron” and captain of her school’s track team in 2018. 

Kayla’s passion for track continued where she competed in the 2019 Inter Secondary School sports. She qualified for both the 100 m and 200 m, but unfortunately did not run the 200 m because of injuries. Despite this, Kayla excelled in the 100 m placing 2nd. 

Kayla’s 2020 track season was not off to a good start. She was suffering from two injuries, her hamstrings and quadriceps. However, this did not prevent this young competitive athlete from competing at the 2020 Annual Independence Games. She placed first in the 100 m, and at the Carifta trials where she placed 2nd in the 100 m and got a personal best of 12.60 seconds.   

Kayla is a hardworking and strong female who faces all obstacles with a smile. She says that doing track helps relax her mind and makes her feel free. 

From track and field, Kayla has learnt how to become a more disciplined and confident young woman. She is a role model to the younger athletes at her school. She has taught herself to NEVER GIVE UP, no matter the obstacle. Despite people not believing in her, she believed in herself and was determined to do better. The continuous support from her family, especially her mother, friends, teachers and coach, motivates her to strive forward and hopes to get a Sports Scholarship in the future. 

Outside of track and field, Kayla is a Prefect and  the President of Girls of a Feather at her school. She also holds the title of Vice President of the National Club. She has taken up the role of a “big sister” to many girls within the schools’ gates and has helped to educate them through the club on important matters as young women. Kayla received the award for most outstanding member in 2019.

She also plays an active role in the Carellie Chase Gardens Youth Group (C.C.Y.G)

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