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They Don’t Really Care About Us

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Corona should be hailed as the best thing that happened to Saint. Lucia!!! This may sound contradictory but in retrospect it’s not.

This pandemic exposed THE GOVERNMENT OF SAINT LUCIA and their poor FISCAL MANAGEMENT! Alas!!! My people can you tell me what went down behind closed doors. To-date the Prime Minister of St.Lucia Allen Chastanet CANNOT provide the people of Saint Lucia with some form of reprieve.

People are in dire straights.

Let me share a little secret with you. Do you know that our little CIP money would have helped cushioned the blow for us? Didn’t this Prime Minister boasted about a Horse Racing Track that would generate millions into our economy and we would all be smiling, singing “Mary had a little lamb.” Sadly, Mary’s little lamb got lost.

The CIP monies collected by this government. Can anyone tell me where it has disappeared too? Interestingly, that money may have been used to pay Civil Servants salaries.

A Wage Bill $480 000 000 yearly!!!

Our little pension fund was raided by the GOSL. Imagine broke investors were given our money in the form of a “loan.” Thirty million dollars of our hard earned money, given away to build a Golf Course. How many of you are laughing with me now?

Haha Haha. How many of us do play golf? Who are the ultimate beneficiaries of this Golf Club? Let me answer you!!! Foreigners, Friends and Families.

But wait!!! I am not done!!! Our little pension money is their ATM! Pling, Pling, Pling!!! The CASH COW! Oh Yes!!! Take what they want, just punch in the figures.

Imagine, they are so RISKY, the banks ran after them. HIGH EXPOSURE!!! The BANKS want NO part of their BOND. Maybe, if it was James Bond the movie the bank may have accepted.

The latest prostitution of our pension fund was the unashamed rape by the GOSL. Yes, they are broke! NIC has no unemployment fund they have a pension fund!!! The NIC Board and the GOSL were unscrupulous in their actions taking our money to use as a form of Stimulus Package.

Hmmmm, they raided our little “caca duh” to save face. We the pensioners are in trouble as there was no agreement to repay the pensioners their money!!!

The NIC Board needs to be dissolved!!! Pensioners should be the ones sitting on this board. Political appointees, friends and family serving on this board would only obey their master and not work in the interest of the poor man.

Todate we are still waiting on the STEALmulus Package

The Poor Man!!! The Workers!!! The Small Businesses!!!

What have you done for them lately Mr Prime Minister!!! NOTHING!!!!!!!

Mr Prime Minister, Allen Chastanet! Where are the reserves? Is it on a flight to Jupiter? I won’t hold my breath awaiting your untruthful explanation.

Sohria Alexander

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