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Let’s get right down to business. 


Many may know him as a friend, bus driver or a member of parliament. In which ever capacity you may know him, one can safely say he is the most talked about politician in St. Lucia. Why the fascination with this guy? Well he popped up on the political scene in the year 2006.

A lowly bus driver who had the confidence that he could serve the people of Castries South East and the people of St. Lucia to the best of his ability. He took on that challenge in the year 2006. He went up against the St. Lucia Labour Party incumbent Ms Menissa Rambally. He defeated her on his first try as a candidate.  

However, from that day onwards it has not been smooth sailing for Hon Guy Joseph.  He has been accused of malfeasance and to put it bluntly theft. An investigation was launched by the St. Lucia Labour Party Government in 2012 when they got back into office against Hon Guy Joseph.

It is documented that $3 million was spent to catch Mr Joseph like a rat in a trap, for stealing millions of dollars from the coffers of the Treasury. Unfortunately for the SLP Government the forensic investigator came up empty handed.

To date, Hon Guy Joseph holds the position of Minister for Economic Development, Housing, Urban Renewal, Transport and Civil Aviation. On Tuesday 10th November, 2020 The Lower House of Parliament sits where the government is seeking to borrow more monies for the financing of The Hewannora International Airport Redevelopment Project.

While I am in no way supporting excessive borrowing my eyebrows were raised when I saw this picture below  on the St.Lucia Labour Party Official Facebook Page.

My question to the Opposition Members is very simple. Can you tell the people of St.Lucia what is the relevance of this photo vis a vis the Hewannora International Airport Redevelopment Project? Are you insinuating that Hon Guy Joseph has his hands in the kitty’s jar? If so can you please tell the people of St. Lucia what steps have your party taken to remedy this situation? Have you sought legal representation so that he could be charged and arrested? Or is this just hot air and political mischief to secure your chance at winning the 2021 general elections?  You have already wasted $3 million of tax payers’ monies investigating Hon Guy Joseph and came up with nothing.

Maybe just maybe if the St. Lucia Labour Party was keen on CONSTITUTIONAL REFORM in the year 2013, corruption would have been stopped dead in its tracks. The people of St. Lucia would have been able to breath easily knowing that the CONSTITUTION was in place to SAFEGUARD the RESOURCES of Fair Helen.

Helen bleeds because the St. Lucia Labour Party did not tend to her gaping wound when she desperately needed help.

Politicians are not going to push for CONSTITUTIONAL REFORM because it is the KYPTONITE to their malfeasance.

If Hon Guy Joseph has been milking our TREASURY since 2006 and the St. Lucia Labour Party has the evidence, why not start the process for his conviction. Are you fooling the people into believing when you get into office you would ensure he gets arrested and charged????

What a load of “HOGWASH” We the citizens have heard this refrain time and time again to no avail.


My soul cries out for MOTHER HELEN.

Let the games begin.

Sohria Alexander

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  1. I applaud you lady. As always I do look forward to your readings they’re on point interesting and you call a spade a spade. It is time politicians stop talking and start acting. Stop accusing each other if you have the proof bring it forward charge them take them to court, until then stop blowing hot air!

  2. Why blame the SLP alone, but not UWP? In my opinion both must share the responsibility for the malaise that 758 finds herself in. Then you ask the SLP to provide the evidence, but you indicated that the forensic investigator found nothing. Are you asking the SLP to “waste” another 3 million? Is the SLP an investigative body? Is that their role or that of the police? While I in no way condone corruption or malfeasance of any kind. We need to be consistent in our condemnation of the practice. What is good for the goose must also be good for the gander.

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