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WATCH: ‘You F***er’ says Richard Frederick to Allen Chastanet LOTO and Former PM at House Sitting.

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Saint Lucia – News

In the headlines, Junior Minister in the Office of The Prime Minister with Responsibility for Housing and Local Government Richard Frederick uses an obscenity to address former Primer Minister and Current Leader of the Opposition Allen Chastanet during the First Sitting of Parliament for 2022.

As a result, the minister was reprimanded on social media for the conduct which he displayed. Additionally, Frederick’s behavior was a disgrace and not honorable. Sadly, when Hon Phillip J Piere the Prime Minister of Saint Lucia was questioned regarding the members in the house behavior, he responded as follows: “As I say, that is a flashing mirror.”

Pierre went on to state “What’s important is what was said in the parliament – the revelations, the direct awards, the state of the SDF, the state of the finances of the country as they relate to direct awards that were given.” Those remarks came in an effort to avoid the reporter’s questions and address the matter.

As a consequence, Prime Minister Phillip J. Piere has caused many to conclude that cursing out members of The House of Assembly or people, in general, will become the new normal. The very same minister was in the spotlight for his verbal abuse against a Female Talk Show Host Sohria Alexander. To this day no apology has been issued to Sohria Alexander nor Allen Chastanet.

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  1. My beloved girl this is Barbara Emmanuel from St Croix I am a regular and strong supporter of your show and Sky fm all these people needs to remove from cabinet once and for all.

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