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When FILTH passes as TALK SHOWS!!! Where are you Hon Dominic Fedee?

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Without a doubt, we have gone MAD in this country.  Where are the REGULATORS of our airwaves?  The absurdity, nastiness, vitriol attacks by these Talk Show Hosts on McDowall Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) on May 25th, 2021 have reached an all-time low.

The Formidable Sohria Alexander

My Word!!! This is PURE FILTH!!!

Clearly, the Talk Show Hosts are of the view that they can express their opinion freely. However, if anyone speaks against something that went wrong on their show, they feel emboldened to defame them. Moreover, this speaks to the calibre of these Talk Show Hosts. As a consequence, where have all the ethical Talk Show Hosts disappeared too?

My heart goes out to the people who have been abused and defamed by these Talk Show Host. Fortunately, I am one that is “NEVER SCARED.” I will challenge you to the grave.


Bringing You The Quality You’ve Learnt To Expect

Please help me understand. Is that the behavior of Talk Show Hosts? I quote:

“Sohria I am putting you cold on social media. I am taking out all my clothes for you. I don’t even want to take you.”  Are you inciting rape???

Please be guided accordingly, my flame has just been ignited like Israel!!

Nonetheless, this Talk Show host went as far as intimating that I live an immoral life. Undoubtedly, he should not be on the airwaves because of the filth from the sewer that escapes from his traps. In addition, he was so bold in saying he is not a role model for anyone. Obviously, you are NOT!!!

Help me understand my people, which sane woman would want a man who uses such abusive language and vile behaviour like this Talk Show Host??

Hon Dominic Fedee, Minister of Broadcasting, you are failing in this area. Mr. Minister, why are these shows still on our airwaves? Isn’t there a code of conduct and ethics for Talk Shows? Have this country descended into the gutter??? Surely, Saint Lucia must be the laughing stock of the Caribbean.

If checks and balances are not put in place to remove these Talk Shows from our airwaves, society would continue to collapse.

Therefore, I am also calling on the owner of McDowall Broadcasting Corporation to raise the standard of what he allows to pass as Talk Shows on his Network.

Wake up Hon. Dominic Fedee! We don’t want this FILTH on our airwaves!!!

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