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Why Saint Lucia should rethink the reopening of school in January 2021?

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Saint Lucia’s population is approximately over 180,000. It was known as one of the few Caribbean nations which managed the pandemic in an exceptional way. The island was considered a safe haven and kept its borders opened to international flights. 

Presently, Saint Lucia continues to grapple with the onslaught of the Coronavirus. The numbers have increased exponentially. The latest figures now stand at 331 cases.

What went wrong? Were the authorities too confident?

The incident which occurred at a local secondary school is well documented. Let’s revisit the incident. A student attended classes as per usual while his parents were being tested for Corona. The results of the Coronavirus test for his parents were positive as well as his. As a consequence Schools went into lock down mode.

Students have been subjected to the digital platforms from October 2020 to access tutoring from their teachers.

Want to learn more about this incident Click Here to Learn More.

Saint Lucia was placed and declared LEVEL 3 as of December 3rd 2020. Till this very day we remain at LEVEL 3. Saint Lucia remains the only country to be in the LEVEL 3 category among the Caribbean Nations.

Review Saint Lucia Current CDC Level Here.

What exactly does Level 3 mean?

Level 3 is a beacon to travelers alerting them that they should avoid all nonessential travel to the country.

Saint Lucia has seen an influx of cases at an alarming rate.

It is my understanding that many students were not doing too well adapting to the new normal of Virtual Learning. Many students were faced with challenges such as connectivity issues, device issues as well as simply not being able to cope with being online. Although there were some like myself who thrived both in the virtual and physical setting.

Tips for Virtual Learning

Create a quiet workspace you would love to study in.

You’re no longer in the school’s physical setting, therefore, you would need to create a comfort zone where you reside. You should feel comfortable spending hours in the spot you chose. There you would be able to focus and feel motivated.

Be patient with Yourself, Peers and Teachers.

You need to understand that getting mad at yourself, beating up on yourself would definitely not make the new eco-system of learning any better for you. It’s okay to just take a day to cool off and destress. Your teachers and peers face the same challenges. Remember, we are all in this together.

Communicating Effectively and Efficiently with Teachers

Whilst you are at home it would be advisable to communicate any issues you as a student may be experiencing to your teacher. Your teachers are not omni-present and would not be aware of your challenges. Speak up let them know what’s happening so arrangements can be made to rectify the issue.

In a few days the New Year 2021 would arrive with all its mysterious surprises. We understood that Government officials have been enforcing tighter protocols to curtail the wide spread of COVID-19. While we are cognizant of this, we must remember that people would still go out to mingle with family and friends during the festive season.

The authorities should delay the reopening of school after the festive season. Today, December 28th, 2020 the country recorded 26 new cases after the Christmas weekend.

This is one of the country’s highest cluster thus far.

As a Form Five student I am proposing that school reopens some time in February 2021 to reduce community spread.

Students have definitely missed crucial tuition but it’s better to miss this than to get sick and risk dying.

Let’s Keep Working to Make Our Saint Lucia Safe and Healthy.

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