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Young budding pathologist

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Kim Flavius was born in Castries St Lucia on Feb 4th 2002. She first attended the Ciceron Combined School but completed her primary school education at the Blanchard Combined School when her family moved to Desruisseaux in 2007.

She graduated second in her class with the honor of receiving the Principal’s Award. She attained her secondary school education at Beanfield Comprehensive School, where she made her mark with outstanding behavior and achievements. She graduated with many awards including the Principal’s and Discipline Award.

Kim’s close friends and relatives describe her as a very studious, dedicated, smart and outstanding individual. She is weirdly intimidating but caring and sweet with a unique personality and always appreciative of what she has.

She is currently part of the A level programme in Vieux and aspires to be a Pathologist in the future.

Kim participated in all sporting activities at school even though she wasn’t the best at them. She attends the Harvest Pentecostal Church and enjoys reading romance and drama novels.

She strongly believes that with hard work and determination anything can be accomplished

Kim Flavius

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