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Youth Parliamentarian- Shyne Savory

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Shyne Savory is a fifteen-year-old student and Youth Parliamentarian holding the portfolio of Minister for Arts, Culture and Creative industries. She resides in Sans Souci with her parents and brother.

A Form Four student at the Saint Joseph’s Convent, she has learned to combine her critical thinking and leadership skills with culture and creativity. Since discovering her love for the performing arts at the age of twelve, she has developed a sense of identity, community and creativity and she believes that citizens of her nation must be sensitized to the enormous value of cultural heritage. Therefore, she vows to make meaningful contributions to her national, regional and global societies.

This path has lead to her becoming a board member at the Folk Research Centre since 2019. Thanks to the Cultural Development Foundation, she has had the opportunity to delve into theatre and film through the Youth Summer Arts Platform and the Culture Crew performance group. Shyne has a love for language, particularly French, and is passionate about the official development and integration of the Kwéyòl language.

Over time, she has learnt the importance of both creating and taking advantage of all given opportunities. Through courage, commitment and communication, she is continuing her advocacy for her culture and the needs of others.

Shyne Savory

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1 thought on “Youth Parliamentarian- Shyne Savory

  1. So very proud of you Shyne and what you have been able to accomplish in such a short time. May God continue to guide you in the way that you should go.

    Go be the influencer for such a time as this.

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